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Dong Energy
Top Management Coaching
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European System of Central Banks
Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany
Leadership Training/Coaching
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Erste Groupy
Austria, Ukraine
Presentational Speaking
A Swedish company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture
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IPSOS Deutschland
Presentation Skills, Negotiating Skills, MBTI
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Lufthansa Technik
Bulgaria, Germany
Story Telling, Presentation Skills, Influencing Skills
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Lufthansa Cargo
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Otto (GmbH & Co KG)
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Philips Consumer Electronics
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Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain
Leadership, Team-building, Conflict Management, Coaching, Consulting, MBTI
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People Skills, Konfliktmanagement, Gesprächsführung, Selbstführung
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France International Team-building
International Team-building
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Presentation and Negotiation Skills, Sales
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VBI Volksbanken International
Team-building, Motivation
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Denmark, The Netherlands
Leadership Development, Coaching
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In the name of Volkswagen Coaching: Volkswagen
China, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, USA
Leadership, Negotiating Skills, Customer Orientation
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Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands
Leadership and Development
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Deutschland, Singapur, USA
Consulting Workshops und Workshops "Leadership in a VUKA world“
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Team Workshop
Dear Marcel, I also thank you for the comprehensive and useful session you provided to all of us. To be honest with you, I had come with a prejudice that it would be a waste of time at the beginning because I had many similar courses before. However, it turned out to be very enjoyable and teaching session with your and Erika's efforts and guidance, for which I really thank you on behalf of all my colleagues. I hope we see each other in the future. Take care. Cheers

Talented tutor.. Perfect coach... Encouraging team builder...

Very good practical examples from Marcel especially in the different leadership styles - real mastery of the subject matter.

Marcel demonstrated great coaching probing skills, helping us to get underneath the real issues so we could really focus on our future development. Great insights and challenging questions and he really helped me to get through my blockers and the tunnel of my past experiences in order to explore the potential of what the future could be. Marcel played a unique role at creating an atmosphere in the team of openness and respect and I must say that it was the first time I have worked in a team where people were so open about their most personal and private problems. Well done Marcel, you are a true asset.